Alticam 11EOIR4.5

Ideal for small UAS requiring exceptional electro-optical video that uses lower power.

  • Day and Night Imaging

  • Laser Pointing and Rangefinding

  • Pan-Over Tilt

  • 25.4 cm

  • 4,300 grams


Alticam 09MWIR3.6

The 09MWIR3.6 provides exceptional day and night imagery for its size, weight and power.

  • Day/Night Imaging
  • Up to 30X Zoom
  • Laser Pointer


  • Roll-Over-Tilt
  • 34 cm x 24 cm
  • 2700 grams (3300 grams with nose enclosure)

Alticam 09EO2

Telescopic EO capabililty in a small, lightweight, low power solution

  • Telescopic Daylight Imaging
  • Roll-Over-Tilt
  • 34 cm x 24 cm
  • 2900 grams

Alticam 05EO5

The Alticam 05 EO5 ultra-stabilized daylight system features exceptionally low size, weight, & power (low-SWaP).

  • Daylight Imaging
  • Pan-Over Tilt
  • 15.24 cm
  • 750 grams

Alticam SAR Pod

The Alticam SAR Pod is a combination of the market-leading iMSAR NanoSAR and Alticam AC-9 EOIR2 payloads.

  • EO/IR Imagery 

  • Laser Pointing

  • Manned or Unmanned platforms


Altiview Software

An easy-to-use interface to control any of the HoodTech Alticam stabilized camera systems.

  • Gimbal Control

  • Mapping

  • Record Playback

  • Windows OS



The TAAC Pod turns any pylon equipped aircraft into an ISR platform with no modifications. Full day, night, and wide field searc

  • Wireless cockpit and ground control - no connections required        
  • 14 inch standard NATO pylon mount
  • 500 kts airspeed