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Altiview provides an easy-to-use interface to control any of the Hood Tech Alticam stabilized camera systems.  Using the simple setup and operation menus that are conveniently organized, the operator has complete yet simple control and can operate the payload efficiently. The selections and positions have been tested in operation sites worldwide and offer the optimum in access and  control.


Altiview offers many different map features and capabilities. Users can use FreeMap which allows easy map movement to locate targets. Users can also mark targets interactively or through preloaded files. The Alticam system can be used to manually or automatically scan or track the selected target locations. If multiple maps and imagery are available for a location, users can easily click to switch between the available choices – topo to satellite image. With PointView, simply clicking on the map will point the cameras to that location to quickly provide imagery of the selected location.


Altiview can manage and track multiple targets. Users can choose to operate in single or multi-target modes. Each target is on a unique layer and can be turned on and off.  Tracking can be chosen for any one of the identified targets.


Users can easily switch on and off the video enhancement functions and control the camera settings to obtain the best possible imagery for a given situation.


Altiview allows the user to choose picture in picture and to vary the size and orientation of these multiple camera views. The user can also select which is the active window or assign one window to be the blended image of multiple sensors. Alticam multi-sensor gimbals use co-aligned zoom so the images can be overlaid and tinted to provide additional ISR information.


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