HOOD TECH VISION is the leading provider of field-proven, stabilized imaging systems that enable the capture of real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data.

Extensive Product Line

Delivering high-performance surveillance & targeting

Onboard Processing

Offering persistent and faster tracking performance


Ultra-stable pointing allowing hands-off surveillance at high zoom

What's New


Surface Navy 2021: Insitu completes ScanEagle installation on USCG national security cutters

Insitu’s ScanEagle Group 2 endurance mini-UAV. The company has completed installing the aircraft on the US Coast Guard’s fleet of nine national security cutters. (Insitu) 10 JANUARY 2021 by Pat Host

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Researchers succeed in using liquid hydrogen for UAV test

Celebration of successful ScanEagle 3 fuel cell flight simulation by WSU and Insitu team at conclusion of test. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY September 10, 2020

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