Hood Tech Vision Introduces Ultra-Stabilized EO Imaging Payload with Ultra-Low SWaP for Small UAS

April 8, 2014 – Hood River, OR – Hood Tech Vision, a leading manufacturer of stabilized imaging payloads for small unmanned and manned systems, announces the new Alticam 05EO5 turret.  Hood Tech Visions’ ultra-stabilized gimbal system features exceptionally low size, weight, and power (low-SWaP) requirements for small to medium unmanned systems.  The new pan-over-tilt imaging system is ideal for small UAS that require exceptional electro-optical (EO) video that uses lower power (less than 20 W) and weight (turret only is 0.750 kg), leaving extra space and power for multiple intelligence (Multi-INT) sensor configurations on the same platforms. 

The 4-axis, gyro-stabilized gimbal system with coordinate hold mode includes embedded video stabilization and tracking with an embedded video server and optional network interface.  The dual-mode operation provides network/serial and/or analog video.  The new Alticam 05EO5 turret is vibration isolated; it offers better optics, improved stabilization, and serves as a drop-in replacement for earlier Alticam 06 and Alticam 07 turret models.  For Multi-INT platforms that require ultra-stabilization with an exceptional EO imaging system in a small package, HoodTech Vision’s Alticam 05EO5 turret is available now for shipping. 


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