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The Alticam 09E03, also known as the EO960, this is the lightweight daylight telescope that all other payloads measure themselves by.  The low weight and power requirements will allow you to add multi-INT capability to your platform.  This turret also provides on-board video processing, enhancing the capability of the turret by providing stabilization, tracking, de-jitter and more. 

HoodTech offers a complete solution to your payload needs with in house engineering and production.  Your problem is our inspiration - we provide exceptional solutions for your imaging needs.


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  • Weight2700 g (3300 g with nose enclosure)
  • Dimensions34 cm x 24 cm Ø cylinder
  • Gimbal SequenceRoll-over-tilt
  • Tilt80° forward; 45° back
  • Pan360° (endless)
  • Slew Rate50°/sec
  • Performance @ 1Hz & 2Hz59 dB and 56 dB attenuation
  • Power Supply Range12-14.4 VDC, 26 w Continuous, 26 w Peak
  • CommunicationSerial, 57,600 bps, AltiCam command set
  • CapabilityMWIR imager, EO imager & laser pointer


  • Wavelength3-5 µm
  • Horizontal Field of View1.7°-22° (on 640 pixels)
  • Zoom13X optical; 2X digital
  • Pixels640 x 480
  • Video OutputNTSC (640 x 480)
  • Onboard Video ProcessingDe-jitter, auto-tracking, sharpness, de-noise, equalization, contrast enhancement


  • Wavelength0.4-0.9 µm
  • Field of View1.1°-31.5° (on 640 pixels)
  • Pixels640 x 480
  • Analog Video OutputComposite NTSC
  • Digital Video Output (optional)H.264 w/ encapsulated KLV metadata Frame rate: 5 fps to 15 fps (30 fps w/ optional AVN PCB) Bitrate: 500 kbps to 6 Mbps