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The Alticam Search and Rescue Pod is a simple way to turn your light or small aircraft into a highly effective Search and Rescue tool.  The Pod provides a unique lightweight search and rescue capability for land and maritime applications.  Providing access to search payloads proven over 1,300,000 hours in the field, the Alticam Search and Rescue pod is designed to put mil-spec tools in the hands of small agencies and individual operators.  Easy to mount and easy to use, these tools offer wide area search with rapid geolocation processing and tight day or night pointing to rapidly identify targets or events.  And with High Definition imagery zoomed in as close as 320X, you don’t need to be right on top of your target to get a clear view.  Line-of-sight or SATCOM links relay imagery back to operators on the ground for rescue deployment.


The Alticam Search and Rescue Pod has been designed such that it can carry any of the Hood Tech payloads as well as hosting a number of other interesting payloads for many different uses.


Easy mounting


Adaptable to many different aircraft


Can be used with all Hood Tech payloads

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  • Specifications vary by payload