HoodTech systems are designed to have the lowest Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) for their capability in the industry to allow maximum performance of customer platforms. With power and weight as little as half of other competitors HoodTech Turrets offer enhanced flight times and increased range of operations with no loss of performance

Range Vs. Weight

One of the direct effects of saving weight and power is increased operational range. For every 1 kg (2.2lbs) saved in payload weight your platform can carry an additional .2 liters of gasoline.  As an example, the Alticam AV10-EOIR gimbal provides greater capability in EO and IR range than an L-3 MX-10, yet weighs 10 Kg less. That means an extra 2 liters of gasoline could be carried increasing your range or time on target dramatically.


Weight and power savings can have a large impact on the operational envelope and mission profiles your platform can execute.  Being able to add fuel or additional payloads through the weight and power savings can expand the market potential for your system and lead to competitive advantage and higher revenue.

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